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Cory & Kacey — Minted




Our Story

The year was 2014...

the place was Leo Hall, the school was Marist College. Cory and Kacey met and became friends during the fall of their Freshman year of college in Poughkeepsie, NY. They soon became close friends and shared many laughs and fun times, from trips to NYC to dates at Applebees, there never was a dull moment. One sunny day in April of 2015, Cory asked Kacey to be his girlfriend and well, the rest, is history....throughout the last eight years and beyond, Kacey and Cory have gone through countless adventures, laughter, tears, and everything in between. In 2020, Cory and Kacey packed a U-Haul and moved from Boston, MA to Austin, TX, out on a new adventure. The last three years have included lots of paddleboarding, pickleballing, new friends, good food, and of course their dear pup Winston George. Cory proposed to Kacey at her childhood home on Lake Champlain on July 2, 2022 surrounded by their family and friends. Cory and Kacey are beyond excited to start this next chapter of their journey with y'all by their side. To a lifetime of love and forever after, please join Cory and Kacey to celebrate.